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   60 minutes.

The first and only documentary ever made about Playland at the Beach.

San Francisco’s now-extinct Playland at the Beach, an amusement park located next to Ocean Beach, was established in the 1880s as a collection of amusement rides and concessions all separately owned by various concessionaires. In 1923, George and Leo Whitney opened their first concession, soon followed by additional concessions. They eventually purchased the 10-acres of land on which Playland sat, and the land adjacent to Playland, including the Cliff House. After George Whitney's death in 1958, and years of decline, the land was purchased in 1971, and Playland was dismantled in 1972 for condominium development.

For those who enjoyed Playland as a child, Laffing Sal, the Fun House, the Carousel, the Big Dipper, the Diving Bell, Dark Mystery, Limbo, and Fun-tier Town will bring back fond childhood memories. For those who have only heard stories about Playland, the documentary will help bring it to life.

"Wyrsch’s film lovingly re-creates some of the spectacle of this 365-day-a-year carnival with old pictures and film footage plus lots of interviews, many of them with members of a group dedicated to maintaining a museum of Playland relics."
- Michael S. Gant, Movie & Television Arts

"The film is a giddy nostalgia trip for those who remember the place and a pop history lesson for others."
- Walter Addiego, SF Chronicle

"The Playland documentary was better than one could have hoped for. Thank you to all that helped make those memories live forever."
- Dan Zelinsky, Musee Mecanique

    84 minutes. Not Rated.

Once the world's largest swimming pool establishment, the building burned down in 1966. The ruins remain today. Journey back in time to revisit Sutro Baths when it was in full operation. See: The Seven Pools, Sutro Railway, Merry Way, Sutro's Cliff House, Ice Skating Rink, Egyptian Mummy Museum, Tom Thumb Exhibit, Musee Mecanique, Torture Museum, Lord's Last Supper, Ito, Giggling Ghost, 1963 & 1966 Fires, Sutro Ruins, and much, much more. A nostalgic trip back in time told by historians and the people that were there.

Through interviews, film footage, and hundreds of photographs, this film not only allows us to relearn and finally understand Sutro Baths' history, but also to feel and experience it.

Praise for Sutro's: The Palace at Lands End in the San Francisco Chronicle, November 1, 2011

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